Creating posters and other documents that adhere to the foundations of instructional design. Poster Creation by Nancy Hemenway

Poster Design

Educational posters include research into a topic, or involve problem solving, decision making, communication of information, and locating resources. This poster was designed utilizing Adobe Photoshop; while following the foundation principles of proximity, alignment, repetition and contrast (PARC).

Smaller version of the Service Dog ADA Poster

The Service Dog educational poster was accepted for display to the DCUX conference November 8-9, 2019.

Service dog teams (the person with the disability and their task-trained service dog) are protected in all places of public accommodation. By highlighting the many jobs service dogs have and underscoring that discrimination is against the law, the poster educates the general population on the different types of jobs service dogs support and how while some disabilities are obvious, many individuals have hidden disabilities.

The goal for poster project was to incorporate educational technology including manipulation of high quality images, colors, shapes and appropriate text selections to convey the educational message while following the foundation of instructional design rules.

Visit my Accessibility Project for more information about service dogs and other Dogs with Jobs including the 7 categories of working dogs, and the differences between service dogs, therapy animals and emotional support animals.