Instructional Design portfolio consistenting of work samples created by Nancy Hemenway





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Childrens' Picture Book

A picture book typically for children, where the illustrations are more important than the words in telling a story. The books provide children (and adults) with visual experience.

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Job Aid Examples
Job Aids

Job aids are tools (such as posters, instruction cards, memory joggers, wall charts, infogrpahics) These aids are helpful to alert individuals on how to perform a task or understand a process. .

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Post of various kinds of service dogs
Accessibility Project

The topic is Dogs with Jobs with emphasis on service dogs. The goal to ensure an indepth understanding of the underlying code that makes websites and documents on the web accessible and 508 compliant.

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GOP Speak (Animated)

Created for the Democratic Committe Fairfax Virginia: Interpreting GOP Language

GOP Speak BOE 
Example of an Articulate Storyline Project
Storyline Project

Articulate Storyline is a good tool for building online courses and other presentations.

Articulate Storyline
Audio Podcasting

Podcasts are a convenient way for learners to download information and remain mobile at the same time.

1 Minute Podcast

More E-Learning Projects

  • Brain-Based Learning & Early Trauma
    Brain-Based Learning & Early Trauma
    Presentation on strengths and weaknesses of a learning theory connecting Brain-Based Learning Theory to practice, for children with early and complex childhood trauma.
  • Image of Stethoscope and keyboard
    Know Your Healthcare System
    Healthcare is confusing to many people. This module discussing the basics and origin of healthcare for citizens around the world and origin based on the 4 systems used by industrialized country. The US has a conglomeration of all.
  • Trade show banner for pet expo
    Retractable Pet Expo Trade Show Banner
    Retractable Banners are popular because they provide a good visual display in a small space. They are self-contained, easy to set up and easy to breakdown. This banner was designed for a "Pet Expo" trade show describing the differences between service dogs, therapy animals, and emotional support animals.
  • Generic placeholder image
    Poster: Multiple Intelligences
    A poster: The theory of multiple intelligences was developed by Harvard professor, Dr. Howard Gardner. Dr. Gardner proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults. Illustrations created on Xp-Pen Tablet.
  • Image of an antique Kodak Camera
    Motion Picture Technology
    A historical timeline beginning from 1800's & invention of the Phenakistoscope to modern television & motion Picture History including modern-day Net Neutrality. Each section on the timeline provides historical reference points as different elements are created and explored.
  • Cartoon image two women
    Meet Liz and Rosie
    This is a cartoon scenario I created. The story is about two women, both single moms raising teen daughters. Liz with healthcare, born to privilege and Rosie who is without health insurance. Each works exceptionally hard but only Liz can afford healthcare.
  • Booklet Created for INCIID-B2B
    INCIID Corporate Programs Booklet
    Professional membership supports INCIID's Charity Mission to help individuals and couples explore their family-building options. A corporate booklet describing the 2019 INCIID programs for physicians was Created using stock photos. and Adobe's InDesign program.
  • Image showing project management elements
    Instructional Design Management Document
    A collaborative instructional design management document created for a nonprofit organization.
  • Image of tri-fold brochure
    Tri-Fold Brochure
    A tri-fold brochure is probably the most kind of marketing materials for schools, organizations or businesses. Tri-folds provide company teams with 6 panels to strategically display relevant information. The goal of a tri-fold brochure is to keep the audience or learner's attention while providing pertinent data.