Video explaining the deadly effects toxic stress have on children

An Educational Video: Toxic Stress
Nadine Harris Burke, MD

A child outside a school with a "kicj me" sign on his back

Most videos should traditionally be kept to between 2-3 minutes to hold attention and tell a story. This video is is a little longer than most because it is an educational movie. It concerns child toxic stress. Portions of the video come from a Ted Talk given Dr.Nadine Harris Burke, a pediatrician in California. She us teaching consumers about ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences).Dr. Burke's descriptions is one of the better explanations that I have come across. My graduate work at GMU was Applied Behavior Analysis but most of my research was in early childhood trauma. To conincide with this video, I wrote an article specifically for teachers about this topic - Developmental Trauma and a Trauma-informed Approach to Teaching

I created this video so consumers might understand the direct relationship between toxic stress, family separations and the brain. I used voice and video clips from Dr. Burke's longer Ted Talk. I also used royalty free music from Storyblocks.

The used Camtasia 9 on a desktop iMac 4K computer and added some still images in the appropriate places. I also added text to enhance understanding and engagement. The video is embedded in here but housed at Vimeo with other of my video creations.

Childhood Trauma and
Toxic Stress