Using Microsoft Powerpoint to create non-linear designs.

Using PowerPoint to Create a Non-Linear Design

There are a number of advanced features in PowerPoint. Using some of the more advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint will still produce a user-friendly, non-linear, educational tool to create an interactive learning object (ILO). The interactive module can be used by an individual or a small group. Using PowerPoint in this manner creates a self-contained, stand-alone learning environment facilitating independent learning on a specific topic.

PowerPoint interface image slide

These days, one can find numerous fabricated and less-than-accurate websites often camouflaged as providing legitimate information. In our digital age, it is easy and economical for anyone to put up a website that may look legitimate, but in reality, provides less-than-accurate information.

Analyzing credible news and other sources is a critical skill. The goal here was to facilitate evaluation of information found on the Internet by providing a stand-alone, self-contained module using standardized research on how to analyze content and the advanced features of PowerPoint.

The module includes a mix of text, audio, graphics, video and an individual assessment presented in a user-friendly self-guided format. The content is based on the research, best practice and current methods utilized by university librarians to analyze and evaluate content and information for credibility.

Download the native PowerPoint file to view the Interactive Project or try the html5 version here.
[Note: When using the PowerPoint module, with HTML5 conversion, be aware this is a non-linear project. There are limitations to the HTML conversion process. I used HTML5Point ($149) to convert but there were some minor issues with conversion and the advanced features of Powerpoint. This is a very convenient tool and works pretty well but there are some controls that are not available with this software program. The audio introduction does not work on the first page but the video and audio with the video clip should work well throughout the project. The native file, however is fully functional. Use the buttons to navigate whenever possible. For a non-linear project such as this, if possible, I would suggest using a program like Articulate to better meet the needs of learners.]