One Minute Podcast

Podcasts are Internet broadcasts in audio and video. They are convenient and mobile when downloaded to a mobile phone or other portable device. This podcast is a one minute audio about ICSI (Intracyctoplasmic Sperm Injection)

Podcast Microphone

This short one-minute educational podcast was created for individuals who may need a quick tutorial on male infertility and the fertilization process known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI is a procedure sometimes used when fertilizing an oocyte in a lab.

The ICSI podcast includes branding, editing and music fade-in’s and fade-out’s. In one minute ICSI, a highly technical procedure is clearly explained for couples experiencing the most severe forms of male infertility. The tagline could be used in a series: “INCIID Insights into RepoTech” (reproductive technology). Podcast should include beginning and ending music as a common intro and outro theme. The music in this podcast comes from classical (royalty free) pieces on a site called Muse Open.

Using my medical experience in the area of reproductive technology, I applied good audio design, making sure there was no background noise or dead space in the podcast. The podcast addressed a broad audience that may not have the experience or understanding of how to access this highly technical medical procedure. Implementation of the Podcast is based on reading and research of specialized technology in the field of reproductive medicine.

One out of 6 couples will face infertility and 40 per cent of those couples will have significant male factor infertility. Even the most severe forms of male infertility can be addressed through ICSI and surgical aspiration of sperm.

The podcastwas recorded using a Blue Nessie microphone using both Audacity (open source software) and Adobe Audition (Creative Cloud), I was able to edit and refine sound, timings and effect settings to make the Podcast clear, without noise, or dead space forming a pleasant educational and easy-to-listen to short program. The Podcast was shared with peers for collaborative purposes and suggestions for improvement.

Download the VLC an excellent Open Source Media Play