A Job Aid.

Job aids are tools that help people do their jobs. Examples may include a poster, infographic or a check list or other visual tools.

Job aids help employees do a better job and reduce mistakes. They help learners remember what to do or to visualize a process. The job aid to the left focuses on blood draw for a blood drive sponsored by the employer.It is helpful for a learner to understand the process without having to go through it. The simplicity and speed of the process may encourage workers to donate.

By visualization of the blood draw process without necessarily requiring the employee to go through the process they are able to gain non-threatening general knowledge and possibly engage at a later time.

Visual literacy and communication of facts , directions and process are all necessary components to communicate.

Studies show us that animations are helpful for learners to teach skills that involve motion but if the goal is process oriented (how an engine works or the process of blood donation) learners are better served by using an illustration or graphic like this poster that successfully builds a mental model for the learner.

"We use pictorial, graphic , and verbal symbols in a wide range of media. The choice of symbols is directly related to our major objective, which is to communicate specific information that is suitable to our audience's ability and intersts."
Ralph E. Wileman from his book "Visual Communicating"