Horsing around on Halloween Eve

Our horse Friday

The weather was beautiful and unseasonably warm this day. So, for fun, and just before Halloween, my oldest daughter and I decided to go to the barn and shoot this short video on how to groom a horse. I shot this on an iphone 6 plus and then edited it using Camtasia.

To make our fun a little more educational, we explained the process of basic horse grooming. We have a Rocky Mountain Horse that we stable on the edge of a Civil War Battlefield. Rockies are very personable and love people. They are also fun to ride because they are so comforable.

During Halloween the folks that own the stable where we board "Friday" (AKA Traveler's Fortune), decorate. Like many, Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. This video was just created on a whim for fun and in a couple of hours one afternoon just before Halloween.

Horsing Around: Grooming a Horse Halloween Style