History & Origins of Healthcare, What you need to know.

Captivate is a powerful technology tool to help increase learner attention spans with and scenarios and content that is interactive. Captivate is used by instructional designers to create powerful e-learning courses and interactive instruction.

Healthcare Cartoon

The Captivate project contains action based learning objectives with a goal of using Internet technology to assimilate and understand the complex topic of healthcare. I included screen casts of three specific websites where consumers could become informed on current healthcare mandates as well as shop for a healthcare plans. Also included: narration throughout slides of healthcare history, foundations and basic terms, use of buttons, transitions, narration to slides, editing both video and audio clips, and timings. Healthcare is complex so one goal was to simplify some of the basics by using the technology of the three websites. It is my hope that after using this module consumers will have a basic understanding on the foundations of healtcare and better understand their own needs in shopping for plans by using the technology available at their fingertips and in the privacy of their own homes.

In the final section, I created a cartoon from an idea I sourced in T. R. Reid's New York Times bestseller, "The Healing of America" using a Web tool called "Wideo." I incorporated the cartoon at the end using fitting music and a scenario that I hope would stimulate interest in further research on the topic.

The Heathcare Technology Captivate Project allowed me to address and demonstrate the creation of conditions for learning through interactive communication technology (use of 3 pertinent websites, plus a game with feedback on both right and wrong answers) thus presenting the learner with real life authentic scenarios involving diverse populations while arming them with information that could help solve an issue or real-life problem.