Articulate Storyline 360 Project.

Articulate Storyline 360 is another powerful technology tool and an industry standard for many instructional designers. Storyline has a much easier learning curve to leave with employees when a project is finished because it is easier for learners to pick up than another tool such as Captivate.

Service Dog

The Articulate Storyline Project: 4 Paws For Ability is a rapid prototype created for a nonprofit organization that trains and places service dogs for children and wounded service men and women. The course was created for the organization 4 Paws for Ability

Articulate 360 makes the creation of an e-learning course development simpler, faster, and less expensive. It is a robust program that allows designers to create interactive and creative e-learning projects, from start to finish. Unlike Captivate, the Storyline responsive player dynamically adapts to different devices (automatically) without tweaking each slide for dynamic breakpoints.

The organization (4 Paws for Ability) is a nonprofit 501 c 3 doing amazing work purpose breeding, fostering, training and placement of different types of service dogs.

After analyzing the issues, it is conclusive that most people do not understand the differences between service dogs, therapy animals and emotional support animals. This issue has become an international problem. Individuals with pets that have no special training are buying service vests online and posing as persons with disabilities in order to take their untrained pets into places of public accommodation. This presents real problems for airlines, businesses but most importantly "real" service dog teams. I designed this course to present the facts and differences for working dogs, service dogs and ESA.

This Articulate Storyline course is a rapid prototype and there remains some work still to be completed.

The prototype is a result of collaboration with a subject matter expert from the nonprofit charity, 4 Paws for Ability Inc. 4 Paws raises, places and trains service dogs with a special emphasis on underserved populations. The purpose of this proposed E-Learning Module, Service Dogs: What you need to know was to create an education program for the general public about 4 Paws service dogs and the work they do for their humans. The module proposes to provide 4 Paws for Ability clients, prospective clients and interested members of the general public a thorough understanding of how service dog teams are used to mitigate an individual’s disability and the importance of proper approaches to teams to adhere to the ADA.

I worked with the client to understand the instructional needs, analyze prospective learners, analyze contexts, analyze content, and propose an e-learning solution that supports the clients desire to educate. Based on the client's focus to promote education about raising, training, placement and follow up to the jobs service dogs do, I designed an online multimedia module that would enable the prospective clients and the general public to understand the complex and important work 4 Paws for Ability does to educate the public on working service dogs. This work was created by balancing the complexities of planning, scope, and implementation of an instructional design project.

Download the 4Paws Design Document.

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