About Nancy P. Hemenway

Nancy Hemenway

My career is one of advocacy in special education and the healthcare industry in person, and online. For the past two decades, I provided online education, advocacy and information to those who suffer, mostly in silence, with infertility and pregnancy loss issues. In my off time, I also coach parents of children with disabilities supporting, teaching, coaching and training them to support their efforts to navigate the special education process in public schools.

As the mother of two miracle children myself: "I have the best of all worlds: a child that grew under my heart after seven years of infertility and four pregnancy losses and a child who grew in my heart through the miracle of international adoption. I chronicled our adoption story from the perspective of my then 5-year-old in my picture book, "Before There was You"

It was my personal struggles that impassioned me to leave a successful teaching career to help others by harnessing the power of the Internet and the Web. I saw as the perfect venue to provide vetted information. I created a virtual online charity organization - always mindful of the importance for attribution and credibility of the content. INCIID, Inc. was the first online infertility nonprofit support organization established on the World Wide Web.

My mission is to continue providing consumers with the best information and tools they need to successfully build families, learn to advocate for their children and provide interactive virtual learning tools on a variety of topics. Speaking to professionals as part of medical seminars, webinars, presentations and one-on-one meetings across the country and internationally is an adventure. I have only one goal in mind, however, that is to provide immediate access to accurate, cutting-edge information, 24/7 including emotional support to consumers. The creation of INCIID presented numerous opportunities to utilize a variety of distance learning tools to help consumers find information while in the privacy of their homes, about topics normally stigmatized.

I live in Northern Virginia with my husband, David and my two daughters, a Golden Retriever service dog,  a Maine Coon mix cat and a therapy horse. (All of which keep life entertaining and very interesting

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